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Nintendo DSi roms Emulator

The Good and the Bad in DSi.
+ Bigger screen while maintaining +/- the same size of the console.
+ SD card slot for playing music
+ 2 cameras – 3Meg and 0.3Mpx
+ 256MB for storing downloaded games like on Wii
+ Compatible with all DS Lite games / NDS roms
+ Built-in Web Browser without a need for expansion pack
+ DS-WARE store for downloading roms from Nintendo
(hope to see some good old NES, SNES roms & n64 games)

– MP3’s are not supported – have to use less popular AAC format
– No longer has GBA cartridge slot so NO GBA games and accessories that used the SLOT-2 on NDS/DS Lite are no longer compatible with the DSi.
– DSi-only games are region-locked so handheld needs to be hacked to play DSi roms.

» Buy / import Nintendo DSi
» DSi Emulators.com


Dark_Alex PSP CFW 5.00 M33 Released

Dark_Alex has done it again and released a new and improved Sony PSP Custom FirmWare version 5.00 M33. Numbering went from 4.01 straight to 5.00 .

» Download DarkAleX.com

PS1 nostalgia cure PSX for PSP

Feeling nostalgic about some of thouse unforgettable PlayStation 1 games? Well there is still hope for you as I just found a blog that gives you the chance to re-Play PSX games on PSP portable!

psx for psp

Download Tomb Rider 3 English Eboot PSX for PSP
Final Fantasy Tactics English Eboot 252MB
Download DIABLO English PSX PSP torrent
Download Medal of Honor PSXPSP torrent
Parasite Eve English Eboot 539MB PSX on PSP

» PSXpsp.wordpress.com

PSP m33-2 Custom Firmware 4.01

Sony PSP Custom Firmware CFW 4.01 m33-2 is now available for download!

Before updating PSP console to the latest vwrsion 4.01 m33-2 you have to make 100% sure that your PSP is flshed with an earlier version of M33-2 custom firmware 4.01 m33 because it will NOT update eralier versions of FW so install 4.01 m33 before you proceed.

» Download 4.01 m33 here. and the official 4.01 EBOOT from sony here.
(you will need the Firmware upgrade from SONY to install 4.01 m33)

» If you already have PSP with 4.01 m33
Proceed to 4.01 m33-2 update here.

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MAME Roms Emulator

Found this nice blog from The Underground with detailed instructions and illustrations on how to play » mame rom games on PC. Definatly wort checking out if you want to reliv some of the best moments of your childhood in the arcade 🙂 » Check it out here


On January 28, 1999 the world saw the first Nintendo 64 emulator that ran commercial games, Ultra High Level Emulator, or UltraHLE for short, released. However, within hours of its release, it was withdrawn from the public as a result of mass rom begging. As of now, there is still only one version that is available, the intitial version 1.0.0

read more & download here…
» UltraHLE N64 Roms Emulator.

My favorite SNES Games

Some of these Super Nintendo games can still be bought from eBay and others can be downloaded from internet websites like this I one found in Google >>  SNES-ROMs.net/download – I can not provide any direct links to snes roms here as that would be against WP TOS.

Secret of Mana (1.3Mo) (fr)
Super Mario World 2 Yoshi Island (1.3Mo)
Super Metroid (1.5Mo)
Adult manga 2 (293Ko)
Aerobiz supersonic (467Ko)
Battle toads & double dragon (681Ko)
Bof 2 (1713Ko)
Castlevania 4 (0.9Mo)
Combat basket (196Ko)
Cool spot (665Ko)
Chrono Trigger (3.01Mo)(fr)
Demon’s crest (1.3Mo)
Donkey Kong Country(2.6Mo)
Dragon ball Z (997Ko)
DBZ4 Hyper dimension (2.5Mo)(jap)
Dragon slayer (568Ko)
Earthworm Jim (1.9Mo)
F-ZERO (284Ko)
Final Fantasy 6 (2.2Mo)(fr)
Illusion of Time (1.6Mo)(fr)
International superstar soccer (684Ko)
Killer instinct (3.1Mo)
Legend (0.8Mo)
Magic boy (307Ko)
Mario kart (347Ko)
Mario world (340Ko)
MegaMan 7 (1.3Mo)(fr)
MegaMan 9 (2Mo)(fr)
MegaMan X (0.9Mo)(fr)
Mickey the magical quest (706Ko)
Nobunaga’s ambition (333Ko)
Parodius 2 (1.5Mo) (jap)
R-Type 3 (0.9Mo)
Rock’n Roll racing (731Ko)
Secret of Evermore (2.3Mo) (fr)
Secret of Mana (1.3Mo)(fr)
Secret of Mana 2 Seiken Deinsetsu3 (2.8Mo) (fr)
Sky blazer (588Ko)
Smash Tennis (511Ko) EXCELLENT
Starfox (0.6Mo) (fr)
Stunt race FX (569Ko)
Super Aleste (0.7Mo)  BON
Super Bomberman(0.3Mo)
Super Mario Allstars + Super Mario World (1.6Mo)
Super Mario RPG (2.6Mo)(fr)
Super Mario World 2 Yoshi Island (1.3Mo)
Super Metroid (1.5Mo)
Super Probotector (0.7Mo)
Super Street Fighter 2 (2.8Mo)
Tales of Phantasia (4.5Mo) (fr)  EXCELLENT
Tatakae genshijin 2 (334Ko)
Tinytoon adventure (849Ko)
WWF (749Ko)
Zelda3 (694Ko) EXCELLENT

Super Nintendo roms free snes roms download RPG emulator downloads. Super nintendo de zelda megaman dbz final fantasy game x-man hakusho yu yu street fighter harvest moon snes rom ocean star g gundam dragonball z rom mortal kombat snes super mario world kirby spider man rom sne.

» SNES-ROMs.net/download
» to play you need Super Nintendo Emulator